Branded App

All the functionality, innovation and stability of the LMS Mobile App combined with your own custom branding.

What is the Branded Mobile App?

About 70% of global traffic is via mobile devices. All of us are using mobile devices more to access the internet for everything we do – including our learning.

Schools, institutions and workplaces that use an LMS rightly expect their classrooms to be easy to access on every device.

The Branded Mobile App is our latest step forward towards excellent student experiences.

  • Branding

    Your institution or organisation’s own custom branding.

  • Login

    Simplified login for all your learners and users.

  • Updates

    Automatic updates, bug fixes and new features every two months.

  • Offline

    Offline capability allows you to download your courses, content, quizzes and other materials direct to your device, which you can then access offline.

  • Cloud Hosting

    Separate hosting space with push notifications infrastructure for your site in both iOS and Android.