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Custom Learning

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Why Möbius?

Mobius Learning™ is more than just an eLearning company; we are a full-service eLearning provider committed to delivering an exceptional learning experience to our customers. Not only do we offer extraordinary learning management system services, but we make sure it aligns perfectly with your business strategy and integrates effortlessly with any learning program.

Our Services

We understand that it takes more than the latest technology or eLearning trend to make your organization successful. In order to provide you with the best online education, we believe in offering you training and development services that cover the spectrum between inception and completion. Whether you need consulting services to determine just what kind of training solution you need or how to customize your LMS to support your specific eLearning needs, we offer a comprehensive menu of services to help you get the results you need.

LMS Services

We get you started on the right path by installing and configuring your LMS to a set of compliant standards for all web services. Every LMS needs a solid foundation!

LMS Add-ons

Moodle core becomes even better when combined with our powerful add-ons such as an advanced dashboard, API integration, student portfolios, and more. Click below to learn more.

Customized Learning

From simple knowledge transfer to highly interactive simulations using dynamic media and 3D models, we have the flexibility to personalize any learning experience to suit your needs.