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The Cost of Building an App

Trying to find a steady price for building an app can be daunting. There are as many app developers as there are “handymen” services for your home projects. Some good, some not so good but you tend to get what you pay for. The cost of developing an app can range anywhere from $1,500 – $150,000 […]

Instructional Design Resources for Beginners

Often when I meet someone new to instructional design, they ask me what resources I would recommend. If you don’t have experience or an advanced degree in instructional design, knowing where to find quality resources can be difficult. When I first got into the eLearning industry I struggled to find resources that were appropriate. Some […]

Tips for Working with SMEs

Subject matter experts (SME often pronounced smee) are individuals who, mainly through experience, know a great deal about a subject and in turn provide the expert knowledge for your e-Learning project. When you have questions, a SME is the person you pester until you have enough information to complete the course on your own. They […]