K-12 Education

K12 Education

We pride ourselves in being a leading developer in the K-12 publishing market. As schools continue to cut costs by moving to digital formats, we will continue to be at the forefront of developing exceptional digital content.

Our primary goal is to support schools, school districts, and institutions of higher education by creating custom online learning, including the development and implementation of personalized Learning Management Systems and custom digital eBooks. Our custom courses combine the latest gameplay mechanics with storytelling to create content that is memorable and engaging for students and is available across all platforms.

Bullying & Cyber Safety
Study Skills
Time Management

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As educators we know that students perform better in school when they have solid foundations in organization, life skills like teamwork and cooperative learning as well as strong character skills. Linkus, the student development software provided our students with an interactive technology venue to practice these skills.  We worked cooperatively with Mobius Learning to design content that best fit our students’ needs.  At our request, Mobius offered courses on Cyber Safety and Bullying and Peer Pressure.  Transitioning to middle school is a difficult time and Mobius Learning has provided us with additional skills to help our students.

Mrs. Michelle BoydSaint Monica Catholic School Principal